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You will need to enter the Clients on separate contact cards for Estate Planning matters. You can fix this up by first opening your matter, clicking on Client to open up the advanced view. You should then select to 'remove' one of the Clients from this card. Click OK. You can now re-add the second Client by right-clicking on the first one and selecting 'Add another Client'. Keeping your contacts separate like this will ensure that your automation works correctly in precedents.

You can right-click on Purchaser 1 and select 'Add Another'. You will then be able to add in fields for Purchaser 2. Continue adding more Purchasers to access the fields for Purchaser 3, 4, 5 etc.

Originally answered to "I have a new logo, how do I change my letterhead in Smokeball?"

Select File in the top left corner of the main Smokeball screen and click Smokeball Settings. Select Document Containers then right click on Letter and select modify. Any changes made in this document will flow through to all precedents based on this template. Make sure to save and close on the Smokeball toolbar once changes have been made. Right click and modify any other containers on the list that need changing.

To amend a precedent, right click on it in the precedent library and choose "Modify".

When in modify mode, click on the field for the settlement date and on the right hand side of the screen it will display the different ways to format that particular field. Select the appropriate format and then click "Apply format".

To preview your document click "Show values" at the top of the right hand side and it will display the document using data from the active matter.