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Miranda OrmerodSmokeball Team
Marketing & Communications Executive
In the February instalment of Smokeball Product Chat, our Global Head of Product Adele Hoyle and Jane Oxley met virtually to showcase new automatic time tracking innovations now available in Smokeball.

These powerful enhancements will increase firm billings, and help you get back time and control within your practice.

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How do I start a timer for a telephone call and then stop it?, is there an integration program for telephone calls?
Adele HoyleSmokeball Team
Global Head of Product at Smokeball
We have some awesome new AutoTime features that give you more control over the "billable" status of your time entries at the point of doing the work.

AND...If you do not wish to charge for subsequent reads of an email (for example: you charge for the initial read but do not wish to continue charging every time it is opened for reference), there is a new setting available in your staff card to "Only create billable entries on first email read". 
Click here to find out more;$non%20billable
What is everyones experiences and feedback with AutoTime? We have trialed it and found that it tends to over bill our matters, so its not completely autonomous.

What is the system that you have in place at your firm, that works for you when it comes to using AutoTime and ensuring your costings are accurate and fair?