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Is there a way to stop the same email being saved into SB by different team members? My boss and I often receive the same emails and we both save them into SB which creates 2 of the same email and looks messy.
Cyndal Reumer
Owner/Licensed Conveyancer
When creating precedents, how so I set automation for Client 1 / Client 2 ect? It only allows me to add 'Client' details which brings up both parties full names. I need Client 1 automated in one section and Client 2 automated into another section.
Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia

Hi @Robert Sheldon9 ! This is a great question. I don't use Dropbox, but I just tested using OneDrive and the answer is yes. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the document you want to save to Smokeball
  2. Right-click on it
  3. Find 'Send To' in the right-click menu
  4. Select Send To > Smokeball
  5. A new window should pop up, prompting you to save the document to your relevant Smokeball matter

Let me know how you go with the above! Thanks!


Yes, you can create default folders that will appear in different matter types. 

You have to go to your Smokeball Home Screen Settings, then Matter Configuration, click Add New, select a Matter and Matter Type and click OK, click on the Default Document Folders tab, then click Add a Folder. Then, you will have to name and create your Folder or Folders if you wish to create more than one. Once you save the Folders that were created, the Folders will appear whenever you open a new matter under the Matter Type.