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Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia
Hello to our new members!

Please feel free to post directly to the main feed below with any general questions.

We currently have a Family Lawyers and Conveyancers VIC group that can be joined to connect with other Smokeball users.

Let me know what other groups would be useful for you.
Miranda OrmerodSmokeball Team
Marketing & Communications Executive

There is a $300 Prezzee eGift card up for grabs for the Community user that earns the most Reputation points by the end of February. We also have stainless steel keep cups for the next five top-scoring users.

Remember to keep asking questions and posting to increase those Reputation points.
Miranda OrmerodSmokeball Team
Marketing & Communications Executive
With the silly season upon us, we thought we thought it would be fun to ask our littlest Smokeballers "What is Smokeball?", and what they think their parents get up to at work.

We received some hilarious, super cute and accurate answers!
Miranda OrmerodSmokeball Team
Marketing & Communications Executive
​Smokeball's Chief Revenue Officer, Jane Oxley and Global Head of Product, Adele Hoyle recently got together to showcase some of the exciting new features that are coming down the pipe, such as Matter Based Permissions and Task list enhancements.

Learn more about these new innovations: