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Hi there - the Debt Recovery matter has been set up with the Creditor as default client, and should not be showing Debtor in the client position. 

Could you kindly send an email to and I can call you to investigate why the client is appearing as the Debtor on your matter?

Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia

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Does SB have a search option to find clients bank accounts?
Smokeball Version 7.4 now available!

This version has a lot of new and exciting functionality such as:
- Pop out your Time and Expenses window so you can add and review your time as you go
- Ability to save your preferred task views for re-use
- Tasks usability improvements (global view counts, additional default filters)
- Pre-populate your Vic Sale matters using the title

For more information on the new release, please visit the below link: