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I'm seeking to add a spouse to an eCT that's controlled by Bank of Queensland. Is anyone able to share the BoQ consent form/authority? I haven't been able to locate one.

Generate the contract and save it. In the document list right click on the contract and select Send > docusign. The contract will upload into the InfoTrack signIT workspace where you will be able to drag and drop signatures, names, dates etc.

Is there a way to stop the same email being saved into SB by different team members? My boss and I often receive the same emails and we both save them into SB which creates 2 of the same email and looks messy.
Cyndal Reumer
Owner/Licensed Conveyancer
When creating precedents, how so I set automation for Client 1 / Client 2 ect? It only allows me to add 'Client' details which brings up both parties full names. I need Client 1 automated in one section and Client 2 automated into another section.