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Jess Kolb
Marketing & Business Development at Smart Conveyancing & Form One
Can I edit/add referral types to the 'Referral Type' drop down in matter info?
Just wondering how firms record their incoming/outgoing mail at the moment? With a push for paperless and cloud, perhaps Smokeball can develop a post register :)
Voted for Memo - we use the Memo feature to record phone messages

I cannot find the Notes feature ... to the side of the matter screen (where is it please)?

Before I had our own File Note but the Memo is available for billing so I only use Memo and quickly dropped the File Note.

Would be good if Memo has the option of entering the start and finish time for the phone call then that would override the current option of not putting in a start and finish time (which is a memo) — but if you put in start and finish time, then it will be a File Note as... (More)

Kerril Hoswell
Principal Lawyer at 22TEN Legal
Voted for In between - we still have paper files and print all documents, but we are trying to print less

Definitely trying to print less but sometimes easier with a hard copy of documents