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Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia
Originally answered to "What is the difference between the tax invoice in precedents and the tax invoice from billing, if you get my drift?"

Hi @Robert Sheldon7! Good question. The precedent in Smokeball known as 'Tax Invoice - basic table' was primarily set up for fixed fee invoicing for our conveyancers. It is a basic invoice that will populate with any fees or expenses entered in the Time & Expenses screen. However, it is not linked to Smokeball Billing and invoicing this way will not mark any of the fee or expense entries as billed. We always recommend using the Smokeball Billing invoice, as it has far greater functionality and ensures that all entries in Time & Expenses are billed once an invoice... (More)

What’s the difference between using the invoice in billing and using the invoice precedent?
Is there a process where invoices can be downloaded from Smokeball billing directly into matters. I'm not across the full functionality of the billing module yet but I presently have to email it to myself and upload it into the respective matter which is time consuming.

Hi Hilary, we don't have a credit card integration solution at this stage in Smokeball Billing although we are looking into our options for the near future.