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In Smokeball Billing , "Choose Report" > Choose Trial Balance > Highlight Include Firm Header > Highlight Include Firm Name > Highlight Show Transaction List. Click on Generate.  It can be printed as is by click on the Print icon.  Print as a PDF or an Excel Spreadsheet.


Hi Gergis,

We have a variety of reports that you can look at that will give you insights into your business:

  1. Smokeball reports (accessed from the main screen of Smokeball on the left hand side under the button "Reports"). Here you can access relevant matter, conveyancing, and client reports.
  2. Firm Insights (accessed from the "Firm Insights" tab at the top of the main Smokeball page). Here you can look at various business insights, as well as matter, matter type, and fee earner insights.
  3. Smokeball Billing (accessed by pressing the "Billing" button at the top of the main Smokeball page). Here... (More)

Yes we do. From your main Smokeball screen, go to "Reports" (which is the last icon on the left hand side panel). You can select the "Conveyancing - Settlements Report" from the 'Select Report' dropdown and then enter a date range for the month that you would like to capture, and then click "View Report". 

In Smokeball Billing you can go to the Reports tab on the left hand side of the screen, then you will see "Choose A Report". Select "Matter Balances". You can then filter this report by Person Responsible or Matter Status, or simply select All if you want to see all of them. This will bring up a list of all the matters and their respective matter balances. It also includes a column to show the trust balance available on each of the matters.