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safe custody
safe custody
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Fleur Craig
Principal - Armour-Craig Legal
Hi, I've opened a safe custody packet in one client's name but need to add another client's name. I thought I had done this but now realise I needed to create the second client as a contact first. How can now add the second client to the packet ?

Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia

Hi there! Thanks for your question!

You are not able to change a safe packet number or a document number once these have been added to Smokeball. This is because once a packet has been created, a record of this must be kept and maintained in our system. 

You can learn more about the safe custody register here: or give our Support Team a call for further assistance on 1300 33 55 53.

Is there any opportunity for Smokeball to attach a document when adding a safe custody document to the register? This is a function available on other platforms such as LEAP.
It would be helpful to be able to drag the file from the matter or upload it from desktop.
Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia

Good question! You cannot delete a safe custody packet.

The documents within the packet can be edited to reflect a new status - e.g. removed/retrieved. 

However the packet itself cannot be deleted, as it is necessary to keep a record of the packet even if there are no documents contained in it any longer.