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In the Smokeball Settings, which can be found by clicking either the "File" tab or the cog wheel button on the main page of Smokeball, you can access the Staff & Users details.

In his area, right click on the user's name and choose "Set as Former Staff". This will deactivate their login so that they will be unable to access Smokeball.

It will still keep their name and initials next to their activities (such as showing you that they created a particular document) so that you still have accurate records as to what they did within Smokeball.

Navigate to Smokeball settings, select Staff & Users, click on Add New, enter new staff member's details and click on Enable Smokeball Access for this user.

Yes, if you are the Firm Owner you can restrict individual staff members from accessing Smokeball Billing.

In the Smokeball Settings, go to the Staff & Users heading. Within the details for each staff member there is a Billing tab which will contain a tick box to 'Disable access to financial information'. When this is ticked that staff member will not be able to get into Smokeball Billing.

These staff members will still be able to add time and expense entries to matters but will not be able to produce invoices or have any access to trust accounting.