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Smokeball Billing
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How do I do a deduction on an invoice so the client can see I have given a discount?
Emma ErlachSmokeball Team
Head of Product for Smokeball Australia

Hi @Samantha Keogh9! Great question. You can read more about Evergreen Retainers here (our US helpdesk article site):

In a nutshell, you can set a minimum amount that each matter has to have in the trust account. For example: on my Family Law matter, I never want the trust balance to dip below $1,000. You can also set up reminder emails to be sent out asking clients for additional trust funds if the trust account is close to or below the trust threshold amount. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Meg!

Thanks for your time earlier today, that was fantastic feedback!

As a quick summary for anyone else experiencing the same thing, salutations are set on a Contact, and so can be accessed from Smokeball desktop app by searching for the particular contact in the Contacts section.

Additionally, if you are interested in sending an invoice to a client but using their first name only, there is an option on the Contact to use Formal or Informal greetings for Letters. This will also take effect on the Invoice Email.

So by selecting Formal, you would email me as Mr... (More)

Any update on when they will include a GST line in the matter management software as well as a total exposure so we don't have to the calculations manually - or jump over to billing each time?