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Welcome to the Smokeball Community

Ask questions, share solutions and connect with fellow lawyers & conveyancers

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Getting Started on the Smokeball Community

First of all, welcome to the Smokeball Community!

This Community has been set up for Lawyers & Conveyancers to ask questions, share solutions and connect with their peers.

To get started:

  1. Set up your Profile by clicking on the top-right avatar and selecting Profile. Add your Name, Title and a friendly photo!
  2. Click 'Home' to navigate to the Main Feed. Here you can use the Search Bar to find answers to commonly asked questions, post general questions and answers and view important posts for the Community.
  3. Click 'Groups' to navigate to the available list of Groups.... (More)
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Miranda OrmerodSmokeball Team
Marketing & Communications Executive
​Smokeball's Chief Revenue Officer, Jane Oxley and Global Head of Product, Adele Hoyle recently got together to showcase some of the exciting new features that are coming down the pipe, such as Matter Based Permissions and Task list enhancements.

Learn more about these new innovations:
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One Minute Billing Increments and Time in Units is here!

You can now set your firm Billing Increment setting to 1 Minute so that you can bill as close to real-time as possible. 

We have also introduced the capability of entering your Time in Units, as opposed to a fraction of an hour, to help you enter your fees more efficiently. 

Emma updated 11 days ago
trust account

Bulk Trust to Office Transfers is now available in Smokeball.

You are now able to pay invoices in bulk when using your client’s trust money.

This will save you significant time and remove the repetitive task of having to process one invoice at a time.

We have also included auto numbering specifically for Trust to Office transactions, which includes the ability to define its own prefix.

Our user-friendly interface will help you determine who has outstanding invoices with available trust funds. You can then choose to auto allocate the payments or manually enter the amounts.

Once you have processed the Trust to Office payment, the reports and trust cheques will... (More)